The Shop

Our Story

Together, a talented mother-daughter team opened SummerHouse in 2012. Lydia and Wendy Webber wanted to create a beautiful space to share their artwork, love of color and everything coastal. Lydia had already owned two other successful shops, so her knowledge was invaluable. And because they have very similar tastes- curating goods for the shop together was fun and easy! Since opening, they have passed ownership back and forth twice. Wendy took over first so that Lydia could travel. And now Lydia's at the helm so that Wendy can spend time with her young son, painting from home.


Lydia with Will

Meet Wendy and Lydia

Lydia is most well known for her beautiful painted glassware. She has always been "an Artist". Color and form have been her passion and nature her inspiration. Through the years, the creative process has taken her down many paths. Lydia was a successful, self-taught watercolor artist. In the 1990's she discovered glass painting and it quickly became an obsession. The fluid medium on the clear, smooth glass was mesmerizing and gave birth to countless designs that have been collected by many loyal customers who have supported and encouraged her through the years.

Lydia also makes Picket Fence Fish with up-cycled materials. And combs the beach for the perfect rocks for her Rock Fish. Lately she has been working more with fabric painting and creating her own fabric for pillows. Lydia's work is always colorful, coastal and fun!

Wendy inherited her mother's artistic talent.  She works with oils and acrylics. Wendy is known for her full-of-life Pet Portraits and also enjoys painting landscapes. In 2013 Wendy's first son, Will, was born. So in 2015 Wendy put her focus on her family and turned the shop over to her mother. Wendy continues to paint at her home studio in Cape Elizabeth. You'll see her fill in at the shop from time to time- usually with Will by her side!

Artists are always evolving. Wendy and Lydia are always working on new projects to keep SummerHouse Maine fun!